Aaron Lorenz

Master Fitness Specialist

Aaron is a body balance and movement expert that specializes in obtaining proper function of the body, allowing it to move pain and stress free.

Aaron Lorenz was born in Plano, TX and grew up on a farm outside of Westphalia, TX. He began studying Synergy Release Therapy (SRT) under John Patterson, the founder of SRT, in 1997.

He began his career more than 20 years ago after earning credentials from The Cooper Institute. He is a Certified Master Fitness Specialist and a trained therapist who acquired expertise in SRT while studying his mentor, John Patterson.

Aaron has earned more than 200 hours of continuing education credits through his work with doctors, physical therapists and trainers as well as through professional online and live workshop presentations.

Aaron’s combined training in SRT and fitness means he is highly skilled at looking at the entire body, its movement, and the stress placed on key areas of the body which can lead to painful conditions. He can evaluate what muscles, tendons, and ligaments are most likely to be injured or hamper performance in various activities. His training allows for a combination of SRT and fitness protocols which provide advanced balance and an enhanced kinetic chain. This keeps individual's bodies at optimum levels to perform daily activities, enjoy recreational sports or compete at the highest levels in amateur and professional sports.

what is synergy release therapy?

Synergy Release Therapy is a method developed by John Patterson over 40 years ago which consists of balancing the skeletal and muscular systems of the body so they work together without compensation.